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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  September 5, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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public safety programs. let's go inside the convention center to show you what urban shield is all about. we got a chance to look at the latest in law enforcement vehicles and the equipment inside. they also have many vendor demonstration going on inside to show off the latest gear and tactics. but protestors say it's these military tactics that they oppose and that police are taking it too far. one of protestors said her son was shot and killed by an oakland police officer two years ago and he was unarmed. >> in the military you are trained to shoot to kill. that's what he did to my boy, he shot him like a animal in the street. >> reporter: back out here live where the protest continues, it started at 4:00 and is not growing, not out of control by
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any means. the protestor along with civil rights leaders even mayoral candidates say local leaders need to step up and stop these kind of urban shield events but i have to tell you that a lot of the event vendors inside say that really it's all about law enforcement saving lives for officers and civilians. >> about the street being closed, were police ready for that? is everybody okay traffic and stuff like that tonight with that street being closed? >> reporter: there is a convention for law enforcement, there are hundreds of law enforcement and agencies. they were expecting the protest. they have law enforcement at the end of the streets and they are keeping close watch but so far it's been fairly peaceful just noisy and the streets blocked off. >> let's hope it stays that way tonight. juliette goodrich in oakland, thank you. well, a lawsuit blames san jose police for the death of a teenager shot last summer at a house party. the suit says officers pulled
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over a car that was taking the wounded 16-year-old boy to the hospital. it says police wasted valuable time questioning the passengers while not providing immediate care to the teenager who was bleeding to death. >> all we know is that we have a young person who is dead and i believe should not be dead and is dead as a consequence of the police delaying the process. >> the city attorney issued this response to the lawsuit. the police officers acted appropriately. these were very difficult circumstances but they did everything right. the controversy surrounding the 49ers and ray mcdonald won't be going away. today coach jim harbaugh was asked if mcdonald will be allowed to play just one week after being arrested for domestic violence. >> yes. >> will he play? >> yes. as it stands now, yeah. >> mcdonald was accused of injuring his pregnant girlfriend at their san jose home during a party. he has not been charged in the case. the nfl just announced a strict
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new policy on domestic violence that would suspend players for six games for a first offense. we'll have more reaction coming up in sports. new at 6:00, is turning ocean water into drinking water the solution for the california drought? might be especially with proposals for more than a dozen desalinization plants from monterey to san diego. the real test is going on in carlsbad where construction on the largest desal plant in the western hemisphere is in its final stages. california has plenty of water just too salty to drink. but that's about to change. by the year 2030, just 16 years from now, it's expected that 10% of the state's water supply will come from the ocean after being treated by desalinization plants. >> the pipe that i'm looking into right now is actually our discharge pipe. >> reporter: chris is project engineer on the nation's largest desal plant being built
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35 miles north of san diego in carlsbad. >> this is going to take sea water back from the desalinization plant and it will mix it will additional sea water that's being pumped out of the ocean to dilute it back down to normal salt concentration. >> reporter: privately funded by a company called poseidon water, the $1 billion reverse osmosis facility will provide the area with 50 million gallons of water. >> it's locally controlled drought proof and adds a level of insurance in san diego that the economy will be able to continue to grow with a safe reliable water supply. >> reporter: but just like any water supply, desal comes at a cost. san diego has agreed to a 30- year contract with poseidon and will pay roughly twice what it's already paying the southern california water district for water. but poseidon says the investment guarantees a reliable supply and -- >> desalinated water today is less than half the cost just 10 years ago and costs are
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dropping. >> reporter: but not dropping fast enough for professor buzz thompson of stanford. he says there are more cost effectedtive ways to tap into new sources of water. >> recycled water has tremendous potential. there's also tremendous potential on the horizon for the use of stormwater. >> reporter: project engineer chris says building a reservoir is no guarantee it will fill up. >> you can willed all the reservoirs you want but that's not -- you can build all the reservoirs you want but that's not creating water. >> in 10 years of planning, safety and environmental concerns have been answered. considering it costs billions to build a reservoir, they believe desal may be the best option for coastal communities for the next source of drinking water. no doubt about it, hockey is a rough sport. and for san francisco's minor league team, it turned out to be a rough business. the bulls lasted less than 500 days. as elizabeth cook shows us, they left behind a full roster
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of unpaid bills. >> san francisco bulls hockey on kmer. >> it was like they had given up when the second season started because nothing was done promotionally. >> if you don't market events people won't show up. >> you just wondered how long this was going to last when you saw the empty seats. >> it didn't surprise me they stopped the season halfway through. >> reporter: no one was shocked when the san francisco bulls folded during just their second season at the cow palace. for the season ticketholders like martha hughes getting arefund meant taking the gloves off. >> i nagged them and i wouldn't let go. >> we are going to have a fight. >> that's right! you know? up against the glass, you know? yeah! [ laughter ] >> it's my money. i worked hard for it. i didn't want to see that not come back to me. >> reporter: but other fans like richard kerrigan were not so lucky. >> no, not at all. my ticket partner hasn't been refunded, either. >> reporter: kerrigan is out $90. others are out more than
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$1,000. and it's not just season ticketholders. >> the contract stated that $10,000 per game for cancellations and they had 18 games remaining. >> reporter: that comes out to? >> $180,000. >> reporter: yet the cow palace is owed $180,000. and they are not having much luck either. >> we have tried to email, we tried the numbers that they posted on their website. but no one returns any calls. >> reporter: and then there are the team's corporate sponsors. >> get people calling us every day, you know, that, uhm, have unpaid bills and, uhm, eventually we -- same story they call back and say, hey, we have tried five or six times and no response. >> reporter: the team owners did have a fire sale on the way out the door even pawning their new million dollars scoreboard to a team in alaska. >> we were told for the price of around $375,000. >> reporter: but so far, the proceeds have not reached the fans. and the venue, who are all waiting to put the whole bulls experience on ice. >> there's a lot of people they owe money to and i feel for
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them too. >> reporter: the cow palace is a state facility so any decision on legal action would be up to the state. we reached out to the team and the league for a comment. but our calls haven't been returned. >> thank you. the bay area's $1,000 hepatitis pill drew criticism over that hefty price tag and coming up, who the company's offering it to now for a fraction of that cost. >> reporter: it is "friday night lights" in concord. the weather is perfect. one team has a player 6'8", 290 pounds, the other 6'5", 320 pounds. we're talking high school football, two of the best teams in the bay area, squaring off. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. ,,
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whoo! mmm! ♪ ♪ oh, yeah [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at francisco's mission districe to take it down junk piled high along the
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burned-out shell of this building in san francisco's mission district. we expected crews to take it down today, but we just learned about a new holdup. kpix 5's ryan takeo is there. what is with this demolition delay, ryan? >> reporter: not all at the same time. okay. there's a lot of re tape so here at big house, inc., keep in mind crews have to be careful because there's concern this building could come down at any time. earlier today, firefighters told us to expect demolition crews this afternoon but since then, we have learned it's not that simple. the owner's insurance adjustor needed to inspect. the city mandates a series of safety steps be followed. now we're waiting for structural engineers to develop a game plan to take things out and shore up the building. that might not happen until tomorrow morning. then the demolition company goes in and that will take time, too,. for the removal it takes time because we have to get to the back of the building so it's take a little, clean it out, take a little, clean it
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out. >> reporter: so we're talking hours or a day? >> days. >> reporter: that demolition is also important because the investigation into how this happened cannot start until investigators can look inside and right now it's too dangerous. live in san francisco, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> thank you. a traffic alert to tell you about this one a strange one. this is a live look at the golden gate bridge where traffic has slowed because of a deer on the bridge. it looks like it's picking up again. that's because we're hearing the animals that responded on the marin side of the span got off the bridge by vista point. good for them. new at 6:00, water springing up out of nowhere in this creek in sonoma county. it would normally be dry in september. but kpix 5's don ford shows us the surprising reason it's flowing again. >> reporter: behind richmond's house there's a small seasonal creek but normally this time of year it's hardly a creek.
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what did that creek look like a few days ago? >> it was just dust and rocks. sand and rocks, that's all. nothing. >> reporter: suddenly, it started gushing gallons of pure clearwater and we're not talking about a little bit, either. water that's flowing down from the hills tumbling over rocks and collecting into some areas big enough to swim in. this spot looks to be nearly 10 feet deep. >> three days after the earthquake, it came down here and i'm yelling to my wife, you have to see the creek! and this is what we saw. and it's just amazing! i have to confess i was surprised. this is not a very large earthquake. >> reporter: usgs geologist tom holzer has seen this before but didn't expect this phenomenon now. the earthquake essentially moved the earth enough to open some space kind of like poking a hole in a container allowing ground water to combine with gravity. >> and so what's happening is the ground water is able to escape now. it was sort of held back by the lower permeability. >> reporter: yesterday the water started to slow down but
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this morning, things changed. >> now it's starting to creep back up creeping back up again. >> reporter: it's getting bigger. a little bit, yeah. >> reporter: looks bigger. >> yeah. >> reporter: richard also says that animals have started returning to the creek, too. after all, this is still a drought. and any water is still hard to find. this increased water flow isn't going to last forever. scientists say five months from now, it will take rainfall to keep this creek running. in sonoma county, don ford, kpix 5. >> and this unexpected sight may have some troubling consequences. people living up in the hills who rely on ground water could see their wells run dry maybe for good. well, september now officially national preparedness month in california. governor brown issued that proclamation today. it comes two weeks after the napa earthquake. that proclamation calls on all californians to get emergency- ready, being able to care of
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yourself in an emergency have a kit ready and major family emergency plans. apple and google are among the tech companies asking a judge to throw out a settlement over hiring practices. tens of thousands of tech workers sued the companies saying they conspired to make sure they didn't poach employees. a deal was reached in april and awarded the employees a total of $324 million. now apple, google and the other companies are asking the judge to reject the settlement. the hepatitis "c" drug known as the thousand dollars pill could be sold in poorer countries at a lower cost. they are selling it for $1,000 in the united states. gilead is in talks with generic drugmakers to sell the pill in countries such as indonesia, pakistan, india, maybe at a cost of $900 for a 12-week supply! no word yet if the price will come down in the united states. the new sod at levi's stadium will get its first
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action tomorrow. the field will play host to a soccer imagine between mexico and chile. the new turf was put down two weeks ago after the 49ers' last preseason game at levi's stadium. from chopper 5, it definitely looks ready but there's only one way to find out if it will hold up. the 49ers first game on the new grass is next sunday. we have "friday night lights" there. chief meteorologist paul deanno in concord with -- you have a good game that's coming up here tonight. >> it's game on, paul. >> reporter: yeah. [ laughter ] >> reporter: it's a big game. it is a huge game. this is game on around here. we're talking two of the top 10 teams in northern california. jv game going on right now. it is junipero serra versus de la salle. if you follow high school football at all around the country you know the name de la salle. a 251-game winning streak against northern california opponents. they are going for 252 and that was de la salle with the sack on the two-yard line playing some great ball right now 28-0 de la salle.
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jv varsity game starts at 7:30 and they are expecting 6500 people to show up tonight for a great "friday night lights" football game. high temperatures today livermore 86, cooler than yesterday but still plenty warm. 7s are wild in napa and fremont. 77 for a high. 76 san jose. oakland 71. san francisco 68 degrees. overnight tonight, 50s for most of us, santa rosa 54. and oakland 59 degrees. a's are playing tonight big series to win against the astros to make up ground against the angels. clear breezy 66 degrees for the first pitch temperature this evening. beautiful weather in chinatown when the morning fog is gone afternoon sunshine temperatures in the upper 60s. got to talk about a hurricane. it's sitting dangerously close to cabo san lucas which received three inches of rainfall yesterday. it is hurricane norbert just of graded to a category 2 hurricane. we are talking about this because this will be the source of rain for southern california. if you have plans to head to legoland or seaworld or disneyland this weekend, it may rain on you because of the
6:18 pm
remnants from this storm. up here in the bay area we won't receive rainfall. we'll receive extra cloud cover coming up on sunday and monday. big ridge of high pressure protecting us. tiny little area of low pressure off the coastline will keep feeding in a light onshore flow keeping temperatures in check and keeping that fog and low cloud cover around in the mornings anywhere near the water saturday and sunday. high temperatures tomorrow should be a beautiful saturday in concord where we are right now. 58 for a high. livermore -- 85 for a high. livermor 86. upper 80s low 90s inland through next friday. low to mid-70s near the bay through next friday. low 60s at the coast through next friday. no rainfall. we have some great weather for football. friday night light. there is no place better than the home field for de la salle. can you imagine this? 252 consecutive wins against any team in northern
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california. back to you. >> thank you. well, still ahead, california struggles to keep up with the cost of fighting wildfires. >> what lawmakers are doing to change the way the state pays. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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i'd be honored. plan for your goals with advisors you know and trust. so you can celebrate today and feel confident about tomorrow. chase. so you can. the interchange of intersta 680 and highway 24 received ne a california highway patrolman shot and killed in the line of duty was honored today. the interchange of 680 and highway 24 was renamed the kenyon youngstrom memorial interchange. youngstrom was a chp officer who was shot and killed two years ago. he was trying to help his partner conduct a traffic stop on 680 in alamo. >> he came on to my freeway to help me. he didn't have to do that. in doing so, uhm, we know the end result. >> he was an amazing fun loving guy enjoyed sports martial arts, videogames, as well as
6:22 pm
gardening and baking. he made outstanding brownies. >> 37-year-old youngstrom left behind a wife and four children. they were on hand today for the dedication. a california lawmaker wants to make sure pg&e customers don't get stuck footing the bill for improving pipeline safety. pipeline improvements are part of the record fine levied against the utility for the san bruno pipeline explosion in september 2010. senator jerry hill is proposing legislation that would move nearly $600 million of the fine to offset to offset $12 billion in rate hikes over the next decade. >> it's a record fine for negligence, record negligence that will lead to record rate hikes for pg&e to sort out, out of its mess and bring our pipes up to modern standards. >> hill's bill would also establish an independent monitor to oversee pg&e's use of customer money for safety upgrades and fund a pipeline safety trust for california. all right. coming up in our next half- hour, bay area doctors drawing
6:23 pm
attention to their everyday challenges in a very unique way. >> very unique. ♪[ music ] [ rap ] >> they are rapping about the day-to-day drug shootings and other violence they see. we talked to those doctors behind the music video with a message. a plane crashes in the caribbean with no one at the controls. what may have happened before the communication stopped. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪[ music ] [ rap ] now at 6:30, the most unusual rap video ever. highland hospital doctors using music to send a message. it's an emergency 911 call of their own. welcome back, i'm allen martin. >> i'm veronica de la cruz. more on the doctors in just a moment. but first, some breaking news out of the east bay to show you. we're looking at live pictures right now of chopper 5 showing us these pictures of an ac transit bus which crashed into the side of this building. this is happening in richmond. you can see right there the front of the bus where the passengers get off is firmly planted into the side of the structure. right now we have no word on
6:27 pm
any injuries. no word on what caused it to crash. but again, we'll get you another update as soon as we get more information. this ac transit bus crashed right into the side of this building. now back to that unusual story about rapping doctors. the inspiration for that music video, doctors say it's what they have to see every day at work. kpix 5's da lin tracked them down and has a story that you will only see on 5. >> reporter: highland hospital, it's a place people go when in need. >> it's gunshots, car accidents, it's life, death. >> reporter: you certainly don't expect the doctors who care for you to rap. [ rap ] >> i don't look like a stereotypical rapper. >> reporter: about a dozen physicians here produced this rap video called, welcome to county. the lead rapper, dr. chris. >> what goes on inside of a county hospital and how important of a place these safety nets represent. >> reporter: the producer is
6:28 pm
highland's chief of orthopedics, dr. shaw. >> that's what medicine is, it's about life, it's about struggle. it's about joy. that's what people want to hear in the music. >> reporter: they use the rap to convey the importance of county hospital. they say these safety net hospitals will lose $500 million next year as obamacare fully rolls out. because the government now expects everyone to have insurance, it will no longer give amounts to hospitals that serve the poor and underinsured. >> fix people with a system that's broke like the suffer in the air and the city choking what you can get some [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: no political message here. they just want people to support county hospital. if they don't, they fear a slow and painful death similar to san pablo's doctors medical center. >> it's vital that people pay attention now in this transition period because transition periods are the way things break it or make it. i want to take care of everyone and i don't want to think about
6:29 pm
your ability to pay. >> this is our city our hospital welcome to county redefining what's possible ♪ >> reporter: i'm da lin, in oakland, kpix 5. >> it took those doctors about a year and a half to write and produce that video. they paid for it out their own pockets. and if you would like to check it out, we have a link to the full video on our website, it's been a busy wildfire season. it's not over. now california's budget to fight the flames is in limbo. the lawmakers in washington haggling over how to pay for it. reporter shannon brinias with what happens if we don't get the money we need. >> we are looking at unprecedented conditions throughout california. >> reporter: it's a message we have heard time and again this summer. much of our state land is basically a tinderbox prime for fires. >> we're seeing fires that are more intense, fires that are more dangerous and more deadly. >> reporter: right now, when
6:30 pm
the federal government spends all its firefighting budget, the extra money needed to fight new fires comes out of a pot meant for fire prevention. the money used to clear out dry brush which often fuels fires. so congressman john garamendi is pushing lawmakers to support a bill that would rearrange emergency firefighting budgets creating reserves. >> the goal is to end that cycle to do it the exact same way we do with all other emergency, set aside reserve when you need it you tap the reserver you don't tap the operational budgets. >> reporter: in california firefighting works differently. the state does have reserve funds set aside for firefighting budget overruns but cal fire director says fires have no boundaries and if the feds take money meant to prevent fires, it affects the state and local fire departments too. >> it means that more resources go to a fire like the "rim" fire in yosemite last year and that means less resources are available in other areas of the state to attack the new fires that are starting. >> reporter: so while washington rangles over budget
6:31 pm
lines, are we more in danger? firefighters say maybe. no one will stop fighting the fires but now as we enter the most dangerous part of the season, the u.s. forestry department is in reaction mode not preventing fires, just fighting them. >> the firefighting funding bill is bipartisan but hung up in committee in washington. a plane carrying 100 americans was forced to land in iran today. the plane had taken off from bagram airbase in afghanistan when it entered iranian airspace it was told to return to afghanistan but they didn't have fuel and was ordered to land. crews found and oil slick they believe is from a plane they believe was flying unresponsive for hours. it started in rochester, new york and going to naples, florida but something happened and it veered off course and crashed in jamaica. military jets escorted it over cuba. they reported seeing the pilot
6:32 pm
slumped over and frosted windows meaning that the plane probably lost cabin pressure and cut off the oxygen to the passengers. family members have said that a rochester couple was on board headed to their vacation home in florida. senator barbara boxer was in san francisco today. she said the u.s. is getting serious about stopping the terrorist group isis. >> we're going to go after these -- these terrorists. and, uhm, they're a threat and we're going to go after them. we're going to take the fight to them and we're going to do it, as far as i know, and i support, we're going to did it without american combat boots on the ground. >> president obama had a similar sentiment about isis as he wrapped up a two-day nato summit in the uk. he also announced plans for the crisis in ukraine. cbs reporter craig boswell is following the story from the white house. >> reporter: president obama says isis cannot be contained and nato members unanimously agreed they have to take action. >> i did not get any resistance
6:33 pm
or pushback to the basic notion that we have a critical role to play in rolling back this savage organization. >> reporter: the president is sending secretary of state john kerry to the middle east to enlist the help of other countries in the region to take down the sunni militant group. >> it is absolutely critical that we have arab states and specifically sunni-majority states that are rejecting the kind of extremist nihilism that we're seeing out of isil. >> reporter: the president also commented on the latest cease- fire announced between ukraine and pro-russian separatists. >> we are hopeful but based on past experience also skeptical. >> reporter: nato announced plans to create a rapid response force based in eastern europe that could quickly mobilize if a nato ally gets attacked. >> there has been a clear message sent out from this conference to russia that what
6:34 pm
president putin is doing is indefensible and wrong. >> reporter: the united states and europe are preparing a new round of sanctions against russia. >> president obama said all 28 nato countries will provide ukraine with equipment and medical care but not military assistance. still ahead, a new tool in the fight against the most dangerous type of skin cancer. the promising results that prompted the feds to put the drug on the fast track. >> plus, it's starbucks, but with a twist. how the coffee chain is taking a cue from the wine industry. >> and we continue to follow some breaking news for you. an ac transit bus has crashed into a building in richmond. no word on injuries at this point. ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,
6:35 pm
6:36 pm
chopper five over the sc back to our breaking news in the east bay. this is in richmond where chopper 5 is over an ac transit bus that has crashed into a house. a few new details.
6:37 pm
we know that the bus actually clipped a car at the intersection before slamming into the side of this building. we're told it is a house. the front of a red suv smashed in about 20 yards from where this is. obviously pg&e is there because power lines may be down. they need to get the power off if that is the case. the front of the bus where passengers get on and off is actually inside that building inside the -- you can see how the bus actually penetrated into the side of the house. no word on exactly what caused this, how the bus went out of control. and no word yet on any injuries. but chopper 5 is over it and we're getting more details and we'll surely pass them on just as soon as we get 'em. 10,000 people will die of melanoma this year but now there's a new drug for people in advanced stages. the fda-approved a new drug that doesn't target the tumor but helps the immune system fight the cancer.
6:38 pm
three-quarters of patients saw their tumors shrink, more than 30% never saw it return. >> it's a huge deal because of what it does in melanoma and because of its potential in some other selected cancers, as well. >> the drug is called [ non- english language ] it will be sold under the brand name [ non- english language ] it will be approved for patients who are no longer responding to other drugs. apple's ceo tim cook finally addressed the company's most pressing issue. apple is stepping up icloud security in the wake of that celebrity hacking scandal. so starting in two weeks, apple will alert users via email when somebody tries to change a password, move icloud data to a new device or when someone logs into an account from an unknown phone or a computer. apple is expected to unveil its latest devices next tuesday and rumors have been swirling about new iphones and new features
6:39 pm
and a new wearable gadget of some type. sumi das has what might be next. >> reporter: as anticipation for thage event grows so too does speculation about the apple event. judging by their predictable product cycle a new u phone 6 is a sure bet. >> there could be two iphone 6s. there's probably going to be a 4.7" screen, there also could be a 5.5" "phablet." >> reporter: a device that's equal parts phone and tablet would place apple squarely in samsung territory. the new phones may also offer near field communication or nfc, a technology that paves the way for mobile payments but could raise flags in the wake of the recent icloud hack. >> you're not going to use your phone to buy anything if you don't think your data is secure. >> reporter: the event will be held near apple's headquarters at the flint center in cupertino, where apple's been busy building an adjacent structure. the venue also holds sentimental value where steve jobs introduced the original mac in 1984. could that mean a new device
6:40 pm
will be born? >> the odds are good that we'll see a wearable at the show. >> reporter: if apple does trot out an iwatch, it will need to play catch-up with samsung and motorola. stay up to date on apple news at in san francisco, i'm sumi das, cbs news. starbucks is launching a new reserve line of coffees. starbucks is launching starbucks reserve roastery and tasting rooms. the first one will open in seattle in december with plans to expand. they will serve higher priced small lot reserved coffees. they also plan to test smaller express stores featuring a limited menu of food and drinks so customers can get a quick coffee kick. we continue to follow the breaking news. a ac transit hit a house in richmond. we'll have more details coming up. oakland where people are
6:41 pm
>> the team in white, tom brady used to be their quarterback, two good franchises in high school football. we'll have a live look and your seven-day forecast coming up. >> ahead in sports, cloud of a legal issue hanging over a 49er plays on. >> he is at liberty to play in the game. >> it's the eve of a stanford/ucs battle royale and a slain san francisco high school football player is remembered by his cousin. sports in 10 minutes. ,, is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, now there's an adjustment for that. you can only find sleep number at a sleep number store. head in for the final days of the biggest sale of the year. all beds on sale. mattresses starting at $599.99.
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ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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protesting militarization of we're going back out live to oakland. people protesting what they call the militarization of the police force. kpix 5's juliette goodrich is there for us now. juliette, what's it looking like? >> reporter: veronica, all of these barricades are lining outside of oakland convention center because hundreds of protestors were along broadway street. they have moved since then to frank ogawa plaza. but let's check the video. hundreds of protestors lined
6:45 pm
outside the convention center and what they are protesting is the urban shield 2014 convention. they say it promotes military tactics. it's the latest in law enforcement vehicles and equipment and they also have many vendor demonstrations going on inside to show off gear, tactics and trauma kits stored in military vests. >> this material has been used for four or five years overseas in iraq and afghanistan with our special operations forces. >> reporter: that's exactly why they are protesting. they don't want military combat gear on police personnel. >> well, these are life -- we're talking about saving a life. >> reporter: law enforcement says it's about saving lives. protesters say it's promoting war and military tactics. this protest was peaceful. they have moved downtown. broadway is open to track. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. thank you. all right, breaking news update
6:46 pm
for you out of the east bay. here's a better shot from chopper 5 of this ac transit bus. it is crashed into the side of a house. the bus hit a car at the intersection. people say it's 18 and about your beck in richmond and as you look at the map that's close to the richmond bart station. chopper 5 overhead now. you can see the front of the bus where the doors are where passengers get on and off is into the side of that house. you can see the pg&e truck and power has been affected. we don't know that anyone has been hurt. but we're told that ambulances are on the scene. so we'll keep an eye on this and get you updated as soon as we get information. it's richmond and a ac transit. we told but this earlier. a deer was slowing traffic on the golden gate bridge.
6:47 pm
there it is. a photo taken by folks who were in their car. they posted it to twitter right away. i guess there were a couple of deer in the northbound lanes. they eventually went to vista point and a lot safer and nobody was hurt, no animals hurt. that deer was on the run. >> on his way to "friday night lights." >> yeah! [ laughter ] >> deer in the headlights. i don't know. time for a look at weather with paul deanno in concord at the matchup of two top 10 high school football teams. kickoff is in less than an hour. >> reporter: these are two good teens, yeah. [ pause ] >> reporter: 6500 folks expected tonight two of the 10 best teams in all of northern junipero serra from san mateo and de la salle from concord. de la salle is [ indiscernible ] [ signal breakup ] since 1991. but now what team has been the closest? junipero serra. it was a [ signal breakup ]
6:48 pm
7 point game in 2009. serra takes the game now. it was pay 7-point game last year. no team has been closer in beating de la salle in northern california than the team that's taking the field now. a great game tonight. the varsity game kicks off at 7:30 this evening. what's it like outside right now? beautiful 75 where we are. 77 in livermore. 65 in san francisco. oakland in the upper 60s. san bruno 70 degrees. overnight tonight clouds, fog -- [ signal breakup ] your microclimate forecast for concord, it will be sunny 85 degrees tomorrow. partly sunny a little cloudier and filtered sunshine on sunday but still 85 degrees. under a big ridge of high pressure keeping us dry there is an area off the coastline of low pressure keeping temperatures in check and keeping the cloud cover around in the night and early-morning near the water. low clouds and fog tonight. temperatures near average. that's the good place. some high cloud cover will move
6:49 pm
in on sunday and monday. a tour around the bay area for your high temperatures for saturday, san mateo 76. san jose 8 -- [ signal breakup ] sunshine in pittsburg 88 for you. dublin 84. vallejo 76. only 63 in daly city tomorrow. napa 83. alameda 71 degrees. clearlake tomorrow 92 degrees. sunday a bit cloudier but equally as mild. monday partly sunny but tuesday sunshine is back. folks i don't see things will be moving temperature-wise for a while. 90 inland. low to mid-70s near the bay, 60s at the coastline. live out here live 30 minutes away from a big football game. it's "friday night lights" and there's no better place to watch it than de la salle and concord. we'll be right back. ,,
6:50 pm
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from a-c transit... that it was a stolen car that slamm into the bus... causing it to careeno a back out live, we have new details, we just got word in from ac transit that it was a stolen car that slammed into the bus causing it to hit the side of the home in richmond. nine people were injured
6:53 pm
including the bus driver. taken to kaiser hospital in oakland. no word on their conditions at this time. we saw the stolen car a short time ago smashed up in the intersection. again, we do know that nine people have been injured in this crash. they have all been taken to kaiser hospital in oakland. all right. time for vern glenn -- mcdonald is going to play. >> yeah. we're going to piggyback what you had on the top of the newscast. when the 49ers hit the field in dallas sunday, ray mcdonald will be with them. he is going to play for san francisco like it or not despite his arrest last sunday on suspicion of domestic violence. head coach jim harbaugh has said all week that the team will wait for the legal process to play out before taking any action. >> two principles are woven together here, and, uhm, ahem, i feel like that, uhm, where the facts are and what's known,
6:54 pm
that he is at liberty to play in the game. u.s. open tennis is headed to the final weekend. fastest man on earth checking out serena williams's skills against katerina makarova. second set williams leading 2- 0. gets the return past makarova to go up 3-love. she wins in straight sets 6-1 and 6-3 her 20th straight win at the u.s. open so she will play for her third straight open title. here's the other half. wozniacki dealing with a heat in the u.s. open final against peng shuai. second set wozniacki leading 4- 3. peng shuai hits it way out and falls to the court, peng shuai can't handle the heat. she had to retire from the match left the court in a wheelchair. so caroline wozniacki will play williams in the final only sunday. college football two time
6:55 pm
defending pac-12 champion stanford no cheapie from the conference opener. the 13th ranked cardinal hosts number 14usc trojans tomorrow afternoon. no stranger to the game. stanford won the last 10 regular season games against ranked opponents back to 2012. the head coach david shaw wants to tell his young players this game is big, but plan on playing in bigger ones. >> some guys this would be their first big game which i just reminded the team that yeah it's a big game, but if you win big games like this they just get bigger. [ chanting ] sacred heart fighting irish. i want you to see this catch. jordan gets it! he gets the low pass inside the galileo 15. the irish rolls 51-6. jamir
6:56 pm
shepherd the older cousin of rashawn williams killed in san francisco three days ago honored him by three touchdowns trotted to a sign with his name on it and tapped it that from this afternoon. >> nice move. >> on the other side of this, countdown to kickoff with myself, dennis o'donnell, cam inman, kim kawakami. if you love football, you need to watch countdown to kickoff. >> thank you, vern. we're going to close tonight with this shot from chopper 5. the ac transit bus that went into this house in richmond. we're told that it was a stolen car hit the bus causing it to go into th house. >> we'll have more at 10:00 and 11:00. see you then. captions by: caption colorado ,,
6:57 pm
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championship hopes and the opening of the new levi stadium has emerged, but injuries have taken upper of the shine off. >> i'm hoping we can make a great team this year. >> they are hoping a new crop of players can help them and it starts with the rookie quarterback. we're counting down to kickoff for a new nfl season, all coming up next!. >> the count for the kickoff for the 49 are and raiders is soon to be kicked off.
7:00 pm
good evening. for the 49ers, it's super bowl or bust and for the raiders, a rookie quarterback that could make or break the future. there is no shortage to get the season started. >> everybody wants to talk about it now that we have stuff to talk about it. >> plenty of stuff to talk about it. >> at least we're not talking about the suspensions and the arrests. it's too bad it's coming to that, who got arrested for this and that, but they need to get back to football. >> fantastic! you just blew my entire lead! [ laughter ] >> this is my favorite time of the year. we spend six months speculating, and now there's a game. we can talk about what happened in the game. >> we'll be able to do that in about 5 minutes. but first, the story


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